White Collar Crime


A record of success in state and federal courts

Defending white collar crimes requires exceptional legal knowledge and innovative strategies. The lawyers at Clifford & Harris, PLLC exemplify the highest standards in our representation of individuals and businesses in this complex area of law.

Since the beginning in 1973 in Guilford County, Locke Clifford has worked on challenging charges of white collar crime. Clifford & Harris, PLLC understands state and federal laws governing finance. We are not daunted by large cases with multiple witnesses and mounds of financial records. We have the resources to see the big picture and ensure our clients’ interests — financial and physical — are protected at every turn.

Savvy trial strategy

As longtime attorneys, we know how to work with prosecutors before charges are even filed. It is vital to seek our guidance when you suspect you are under investigation. We have the most leverage at this stage. If, however, charges are filed, we provide you with clearly defined options that fit the facts of your case. We work with a variety of experts to gather and present evidence in the best possible manner.

We defend clients facing an array of white collar charges, including:

  • Fraud — Our fraud practice covers defense of bank fraud, Medicare fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and counterfeiting.
  • Computer crimes — Cybercrimes using the Internet to damage computers or cause financial harm are among the many computer crimes our firm defends.
  • Identity theft — Using someone else’s personal information for financial gain is a serious offense. Our attorneys have the technical expertise to attack identity theft charges.
  • Credit card fraud — Attorneys at our law firm have considerable experience defending credit card fraud cases stemming from identity theft, misrepresentation and stolen credit cards.
  • Embezzlement — Each attorney at our firm understands how to take on allegations of embezzlement of funds from a company or public entity.

Many of these crimes can be charged under either federal or state law. They carry varying penalties that often depend on the magnitude of the financial damages allegedly caused by the crime. Because the punishment can include a lengthy prison sentence and significant fines, as well as repayment of the stolen funds, it is imperative that you have qualified legal representation.

Real help with white collar crime in Greensboro, NC

Locke Clifford has worked with a number of companies and individuals in the investigative stage of white collar crimes. In other instances, he has worked for the company or individual who is the victim of the white collar crime to investigate and prepare a case to take to the prosecutor.

Attorneys at Clifford & Harris, PLLC handle white collar cases with discretion. We pursue every possible angle to help ensure you prevail. Contact us at 336-574-2788 or online to discuss your case for free.