Sentencing and Post-Convictions


Federal sentencing guidelines

There are ways a criminal attorney can make a difference even after a trial is complete and a sentence has been handed down. Sentencing, particularly federal sentencing, is complicated and demands the skills of an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at Clifford & Harris, PLLC have been a successful advocates for their clients in federal courts for more than 65 years.

They know and understand in the complicated area of federal sentencing and always seek to achieve the best possible sentences for their clients. Familiarity with all of the ways to reduce sentences is critical to the best possible outcome.


Examples of post-conviction work where an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a difference include:

  • Appeals
  • Motions for appropriate relief
  • Parole and probation violations
  • Re-sentencing when the guidelines or laws change
  • Re-sentencing when there has been substantial assistance provided

Other issues that can be discussed with an experienced criminal defense attorney are pardons, clemency and restoration of rights. The sooner you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney, the better chance of a successful outcome.

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