Felony and Repeat DWI


Find the Help You Need if You Are A Repeat Drunk Driver

Most drunk driving charges in North Carolina are misdemeanors. They pose a significant threat to your future. However, if you are a repeat offender, you could be charged with felony DWI and face even harsher penalties.

Lawyers at Clifford & Harris, PLLC understand the nuances of drunk driving laws and how best to prevent license revocation and preserve your freedom. A number of factors can be challenged to prevent felony conviction or to influence your sentence. Our attorneys have been successfully battling DWI charges since 1973. We examine every case for evidence that helps us craft a powerful defense.

What You Need to Know About Felony DWI in North Carolina

The most severe impaired driving charge in the state is felony DWI. It is triggered by a drunk driving arrest that follows three or more prior convictions for drunk driving within the previous 10 years. If the state proves you were impaired and that your prior convictions apply, you could be convicted of a felony.

Like other felonies, habitual impaired driving falls under the state’s structured sentencing. It is a Class F felony and carries specific penalties, including:

  • A minimum jail sentence of 12 months that cannot be suspended
  • Permanent revocation of your driver’s license
  • Potential forfeiture of your vehicle

Ever-Changing Laws

Penalties and legal requirements that impact a drunk driving defense are always changing. It seems new laws are proposed every year. If you or a loved one is arrested for impaired driving, you need an attorney on the cutting edge of DWI law, so you benefit from the most current strategies. Our law firm never stops researching and monitoring legal trends so we can protect our clients’ interests.

For 2013, legislation is pending in Raleigh that would allow prosecutors to file a habitual DWI charge against anyone with just two prior convictions within 10 years. Another bill would permit prosecutors to file a habitual DWI against anyone previously convicted on such a charge, regardless of how long ago the earlier conviction occurred.

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